1. Size Of The Rug

When purchasing a rug, the most common mistake is done by not considering its size. If you have an oversized or undersized flooring space it will look bad when seen from both sides of your home’s interior design concept . Make sure that before buying anything for this issue gets solved first-hand by taking into account what kind and how much material needed to cover up all furniture pieces inside our homes so they don’t distracted attention away from them with wrong colors used on walls near doors leading outside where rugs usually stay put after being placed there years ago during. So, you should be careful that the rugs are not undersized because they can only serve one purpose. To save money and look good in your room – people usually buy small sized carpets but this may not work well according to how big of space it takes up within there home or office building .

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2. Right Rug And Right Place

The rug should be placed according to the place. For example, if there is high traffic in your living room then you can use tough material rugs that will make it easier for cleaning or well-used patterns which are appropriate when having dinner at home with family members rather than spending time decorating some other area of your flat like bedroom instead.

In addition choose colorful carpets because they bring more life into any space while also complementing different styles – just don’t forget about its importance so as not put emphasis solely on looks but take care what types materials would suit well alongside one another too.

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3. Making The Rug An Afterthought

The rug is an often overlooked element that can make or break your room. Don’t choose it at the last minute – take time and think about what you want before making a decision on which type of flooring will best fit into this space. Get creative with colors, textures, styles…whatever it takes for YOU to feel happy in here.

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