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Can my order be tracked?

Hi! We hope you’re excited to receive your new rug. As soon as they ship, we’ll send a text message or email with the details of when it should arrive at its destination – just in case there are any problems along shipment (which is rare). But if not…we’ve also included an option for sending tracking information by e-mail so that once it’s delivered somebody can track down what happened during their journey from start line all way through delivery process back home again 🙂

If this sounds good then feel free move on but first give us some personal info like mobile number & email address so that we can send this information to you.

How long will my order take?

We ship all orders from different warehouses and always prepare our rugs before sending them out for delivery. Usually, the delivery will be made within seven working days however if you haven’t received your rug by then please let us know so we can track down where it is.

Can I get my order sooner?

Yes, most orders are delivered within 4-5 working days. If you need your order quickly and don’t have time to wait, just call us before placing it so that we can work hard on getting them sent out as soon as possible! We always try our best for next day delivery if there’s nothing else in stock already prepared but this may cost extra money.

What if I am out on a delivery date?

Don’t worry our courier will usually make a couple of attempts to deliver your order. After the first attempt to the courier will leave a card in case you wish to specify when you would like them to attempt another delivery. If this is the case, simply call the number on the card and say which day (not weekends) you would like your order delivered.

How do I check the estimated delivery date for any product?

Enter your delivery pin code on the product detail page to know the estimated delivery days for it.