Learn how to clean rugs by yourself, and you can bring your floor back from the brink of ruin. Rugs play an important role in decorating our homes but after some time vacuuming isn’t enough – that’s when knowledge about rug cleaning at home comes in super handy! 

Some of the rugs can be easily clean at home by yourself and for that, you don’t need to hire professional rug cleaners, unless the rug is fragile. 

Some types of carpet are very easy for us homeowners with little skill or experience under their belts: all we need do is take care not damage these delicate fabrics while getting dust bunny free every now again. Other items like wool carpets require extra consideration because if they get wet then there could potentially be mold growth which would lead lo mossy patches on.

Step to Clean Rugs

1. Collect your tools and supplies:

• A big bucket
• Clean water
• Rug sham
• Soft-bristle sponge or brush

2. Remove dirt and debris

Vacuum all the rugs, be sure to get every last piece of garbage from them. If you have pets use a brush and clean off any strays that may still remain on your rug

3. Mix your cleaner

If you use a rug shampoo, follow the instructions on your bottle for mixing. However if using dish detergent mix it in warm water and neverhot enough to boil or steep– this can cause shrinkage of fabrics which will fade colorfastness!

4. Wash the rug

Started with a soft brush or sponge to gently agitate the dirt from your rug’s fiber

5. Dip the Rug

Using a wide-tooth brush, carefully scrub the rug with your fingers until all of its nooks and crannies are clean. Then dip it into crystal clear water before returning it back onto floor for absorption – this will help prevent fading!

After cleaning each individual spot on tile or stone surfaces make sure they’re completely dry so as not cause any stains due to moisture remaining behind after brushing away excess cleaner liquid using an absorbent towel/sponge combo .

6. Remove excess water

When it comes time to dry your rugs, you should make sure they are completely exiting water before getting a professional cleaner or using other methods. 

7. Let the Rug Dry

Place the rug in direct sunlight to speed up drying time. First, dry the top of your carpet and then flip it over so that both sides are equally dehydrationed before taking back inside!

8. Run a vacuum or brush over the rug

In the last step, run a vacuum over the dry rug or use a soft-bristled brush because the threads and fibers get squished in the cleaning process and revive them by running a vacuum. Now you are finished and you can enjoy your freshly cleaned rug. Now you know the process to clean rugs by yourself, and you can do your job whenever you like.

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