There are a variety of area floor rugs available in today’s market. Rugs have been manufactured for generations and every country has its own specialties with modern time versions made from eco-friendly raw materials like bamboo, jute or sisal etc.. If you’re looking around at what type would best suit your home then first understand the different types there can be – Persian style Oriental Turkish reflecting their culture’s place origin .

1. Oriental rugs

The history of Oriental Rugs goes back thousands upon thousand years. The first time these rugs were made was in China and then spread all over Asia, Europe as well into Middle East countries like Iran or Turkey where they continue to be one if not finest rug manufactured today . There’s a lot going on with design inside each piece; you can find rich colors that will capture anyone’s eye

indian handmade braided area rug

2. Persian rugs

The definition of a Persian rug is not very clear-cut. Sometimes they’re called Oriental Rugs, but there’s also the Middle Eastern variety that originates from Persia (modern day Iran), Iraq and Turkey – all countries in this region known for their colorful designs with complex patterns like colors running together or sitting side by side on top of each other instead separated out into individual blocks as seen here first hand through paintbrush strokes rather than realistic brushstrokes; you’ll often find animals walking among humans doing what seems to be important business.

3. Tibetan rugs

The Buddhist religion was first brought to Tibet by Indian traders, but it eventually became an integral part of their culture. The people in this region are known for producing artwork that reflects both spirituality and harmony with nature; especially through rug designs which have been passed down over time using complex techniques like serging or weaving on handmade looms while incorporating vibrant colors into soft fibers made from woolen carpets containing silk tassels at each end so they can be easily shaken off when installer needs cleaning – no need resorting hard surface dirt!

beautiful micro shag rug cream

4. Hand-knotted rugs

The hand-knotted rug is the oldest type of carpet and it takes extensive efforts from craftsmen to build one. The design that these rugs have makes them strong, with 160 knots per square inch being average for this kind or workmanship; 600 count worthy carpets utilize more complex patterns than what’s seen here while 100 PSPI can be found on occasion in well designed pieces.

5. Hand-tufted rugs

Hand-tufted rugs are a long lasting, high quality product that can be used in any room of your house. They’re made by hand with the help from some machine tools; most commonly wool is used as fiber for these carpets which means they have endless possibilities when it comes down to design style!

6. Braided rugs

Braided rugs are perfect for both interior and outdoor designs. They’re easy to clean, long lasting (unless they fall victim to pets or children), offer exceptional traction on slippery surfaces like wood floors which can be especially useful in the winter when you need your feet kept warm.


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